WHAT IS NEPS- Neuroemotional Pathways – developed by Hugo Tobar

 NEPS 1 Course duration – 4 day workshop 

  • Explanations & brain pathways for the five-survival emotional systems
      FEAR , PANIC , RAGE, CARE & SEEKING systems , emotional processing of the PAG, & neurotransmitters

NEPS 2 & 3 Course duration- 5 day workshop 

  • NEPS 2 Explanations & brain pathways for  LUST & CARE  systems , SLEEP pathways - REM, NREM, Waking, CONFUSION system which is vital for the function of cortical clarity , and the hippocampus 

  • NEPS 3 Explanations & brain pathways for  Addictions , Withdrawal & Psychology , Short & Long term stress , Feeding & Thirst, Unity & Duality,  Neurotransmitter procedure for Aspartate, Serotonin and Glutamate 

NEPS 4 Course duration- 4 day workshop 

  •  Explanations & brain pathways for  RESOLUTION of Emotions, Working , Short & Long term memory, Episodic,&  Semantic Memory 

WHAT IS APEC- Acesssing the power of the Extraordinary Channels  –
developed by Ann Parker & Sandie Lovell

Course duration – 2 day workshop

  In depth analysis of the functions and pathways of the Six Extraordinary Channels
 other than Governing and Central and 9 protocols to access the unique Energy of these amazing Channels

Step by step protocols and manuals include:–

  • Detailed Theory of their Specific Functions

  • Pathway and Diagram Master and Control Points

  • For each new protocol an easy to follow accompanying Illustrated Special Points Table