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I found Kinesiology or, as some people say Kinesiology found me, in 2007.

I was fascinated by the way muscle testing could give so much information about my life and health, as I knew it, without the person knowing a thing about me.


This lead me to study Kinesiology and during that period I noticed positive changes in my health, mood, stress levels and the way I interacted with my family and colleagues. 


Prior to becoming a Kinesiologist , I was a teacher , and I am still a teacher," a teacher of Kinesiology". I love being able to impart my knowledge of the human body and how Kinesiology can help enhance peoples' health and vitality.

I have been privileged to teach LEAP " Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program" developed by Dr Charles Krebs. LEAP re-synchronises brain neurology to give an individual full access to their potential abilities. It can be used to correct a variety of dysfunctions or to enhance and fine tune already functional individuals by understanding how our brains engage in our environment and the factors that prevent or interfere with this process. I have furthered my Kinesiology by teaching Hugo Tobar's Neuro Emotional Pathways and Nutrition Holograms .


My years as a practitioner has been rewarding, with people saying Kinesiology has changed their life,  as well as many of their physical symptoms like pain, stress, panic attacks, headaches to name a few have disappeared. I work with adults and children to assist them in reaching their life goals and biological potential.


I look forward to meeting you and taking you through your healing journey.


Margaret Davis

Bachelor of Science (University of WA)

Diploma of Education  (University of WA)
Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology (O'Neill Kinesiology)

Cert IV Training & Assessment

LEAP Qualified Instructor &  Practitioner



 Registered Specialist Kinesiologist 

Registered LEAP practitioner & instructor

Tissue salt and facial diagnosis

In addition to my Advanced Diploma I have furthered my knowledge with

L.E.A.P. 1,2,3,4,5 - Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program

                                Developed by Charles Krebs- This involves a series of protocols to balance the brain pathways to not only enhance learning.

                               It also acts in enhancing lives by increasing motivation, memory and releasing  underlying emotional and mental stressors.

visit you tube -

Holograms for Chakras, Brain, Nutritional , Structural, Immune, Neurotransmitter, Hormones 
Neuroemotional Pathways  for Panic, Fear, Rage, Seeking, Care, Sleep, Long & Short term stress,  Addictions ,Confusion, Memory 

Biochemical pathways -Leaky gut, Inflammation,  Histamine, Pyrrole & methylation, Mast Cells 
Developed by Hugo Tobar NK institute 

Astrological Kinesiology 

Developed by Kerrie Mc Farlane 

KABS - Pysche, Spiritual and Brain  

Developed by Steve Hansen 

N.O.T. 1 & 2 - Neural Organisational Technique

Developed by Carl Ferrier


S.I.P.S- 0, 1,2,3,4  Stress Indicator Points

Developed by Ian Stubbings


A.P.E.C.- Accessing the Power of the Eight Extraordinary Channels

Developed by Ann Parker & Sandie Lovell

Health Kinesiology

Developed by Jimmy Scott- presented by Ann Parker

Diploma Course The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy

(incorporating Facial Diagnostics)
The Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific) 




Rebecca L Dally

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