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Don't neglect your well being and only attend to it when it manifests as a problem

 Kinesiology can uncover the underlying pattern so you don't have to live with :

  •             Fatigue 

  •             Restless sleep patterns

  •             Allergies or Candida

  •             Headaches or  migraines

  •             Back, neck, shoulder, hip or leg pain

  •             Jaw tension or pain, frozen shoulders

  •             Food intolerances, digestive or bowel problems

  •             Hormonal imbalances

  •             Fertility issues

  •             Premenstrual tension, or menopause symptoms

  •             Lack of confidence or self esteem

  •             Post natal depression

  •             Confusion about purpose and direction in life

  •             Depression or anxiety

  •             Learning issues, ADD, dyslexia

  •             Lack of concentration or poor memory

  •             Fears or phobias

  •             Frequent colds, flu or illness

  •             Asthma

  •             Work or Relationship issues

  •              Bedwetting

 These are but a few of the conditions a Kinesiolgist can work with. 


 Your mind & body are so amazing that there is NO LIMIT to what can be improved

given the right input.

What happens in a session

Kinesiology interacts with your mind/body systems leading to the source or origin of the problem that is creating a stress, be that emotional, mental, physical or energetic. Working with the body's remarkable biofeedback mechanism monitoring the response of the subconscious mind reflects the mind/body’s wish to be healed.


Each Kinesiology session is different as it addresses your unique pattern of imbalances in relation to your current issues and goals.


Kinesiology works with the subtle energies including meridians, chakras, nadis, eight extra channels.


Kinesiology uses sound, essences, essential oil, acupressure, neurovascular, neurolymphatics, colour therapy to realign the bodies natural energy flow.


The power to change starts with your decision to look beyond your current circumstances.


Kinesiology is a wellness model.

Most people initially experience Kinesiology due to an emotional, physical or mental stress


You don't have to be 
 stressed or have illness to benefit from a session 

Kinesiology benefits all as it  maintains your health and vitality .

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